Calibration Services

A.C Technology Ltd has been operating in controlled atmosphere and temperature monitoring for more than 30 years. 

A.C Technology Ltd has been operating in controlled atmosphere and temperature monitoring for more than 30 years. As we do not manufacture anything, we are therefore fully independent and will always give our honest opinion on exactly what is required.

Our qualified and skilled engineers can service, maintain, repair, and install virtually anything that is required to maintain the quality of the produce that you are storing. We do have a close relationship with one of the worlds largest controlled atmosphere companies, but we remain a totally independent company.

We operate from our base in Kirton, Lincolnshire. But due to the nature of this side of the business, both controlled atmosphere and temperature monitoring, we cover the whole of the UK and Ireland we are simply a phone call away.

Controlled Atmosphere 

We can supply everything that is required either for prefect results for the storage of perishable goods. We supply, service and calibrate:

  • Temperature Monitoring and Temperature Control systems, C.A Control Systems, Manual Analyser systems, C02 Absorbers, N2 Generators, Quality Control Devices

Calibration Services

Like everything it is important to ensure everything is maintained to ensure a smooth operation of systems throughout the storage season. For general maintenance to leak testing equipment and systems. The calibration of temperature control and monitoring probes.

We offer UKAS traceable certification for all storage fatalities, distribution centres and special laboratory services. We provide ourselves on first class service. Given we are also drafted in as sub-contractors from several well-known companies, our reputation is second to none.

Our engineers will have the most used and well-known parts to ensure we are can repair and service everything on site while we are there.

We are available all year round so in an event of a breakdown, we will do our very best to respond quickly and effectively.

Temperature Monitoring and Calibration

Over the years we have built up a wealth of knowledge in the field of temperature monitoring and alarm systems for those critical products and carry out routine maintenance and calibrations for a large and diverse industries, from Fruit Farms, Distribution Centres, Laboratories, Blood banks, Food Processing, even Printers.

Anywhere that requires monitoring we can help. Our engineers are kept up to date with any regulation changes and all our certification is fully traceable to UKAS. It is important to know that everything is operating correctly, and records are kept for audit purposes. We can calibrate temperatures from -100C to +300C.

We can service and calibrate virtually all temperature monitoring and alarm systems used in the UK and specialise in turnkey nationwide contracts.

Fridge Mapping

It doesn’t matter how small or how large your fridge or warehouse is fridge mapping is always a good idea to show up weak spots and potential areas that could damage product. It has been reported to be part of the BRC audit to show that where you are storing products you can show, that not only is the main area held at the correct temperature, but the entire area around the warehouse/store operates and maintains the correct temperature 24 hours a day.

The main problem with monitoring systems especially in multi-rack warehouses is the positioning of the probes. Where do you fit the probes, high up, low down or in the middle? We would generally opt for a mixture to give a good overview, however because monitoring and alarm systems are not monitored 24hrs a day and most understandably have delays before activating alarms due to defrost etc the actual true temperature is not known.

Mapping is measured every 1-2 minutes continually over a 24hr or even 48hrs period, and there are no alarms generated a true picture can be obtained. The data is transferred to graphs and numerical lists so the general pattern can be easily checked.

This shows up weak areas and helps avoid weak areas being used for particularly vulnerable or high value goods. A.C Technology has invested in the equipment to carry out this service and all equipment is fully traceable to UKAS standards.

If would like any additional information, please feel free to contact a member of our service team.